The Game master needs an avatar

Okay, I'm going to be honest here...Sometimes I find myself a little jelly that the students get to add cool armor, headgear etc.. to their avatar  :-) 

Yes!  And pets. I want a pet.

Hi y'all,

Teacher avatars may or may not be in the pipeline. ;)


In other words: It's something the team is working on, but there's no timeframe, yet.

(I want a pet, too!) 

But a cool profile pic goes a long way in the meantime. :)

I have been waiting years for this. It's long overdue.

Make teacher avatars different than student options! 


Agree - a teacher avatar would be awesome!

This! ^

I'm in total agreement.  If I'm consistently changing my avatar/gear etc and earning my own XP, this could get the students more engaged to do the same.  Also, I as the teacher can lose HP and the kids would just love that!!

I agree. We can lose health when we do not login. We can gain XP when we Log in and use classcraft. This would ensure for consistency of use. :)

These are all really good ideas, I'll share them with the team!

Any updates on teacher/game master avatars?

Hi Deon, 

At this time we don't have any updates, but we are still actively working on this. Stay tuned! :)

I would like to weigh-in on this topic.  PLEASE! I would love to have an avatar.  I love this program because I am an avid gamer.  The students hone in on my enthusiasm for this platform.  My enthusiasm would sore if I could have the cool avatar. Happy teacher = happy students. ;)

I am just a lowly free content user, but I would love to see this happen. My students are really enjoying this and my ELLs are communicating like never before! 

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