Classes and Powers for differentiation

I am thinking next year of having each of the classes' power sets match up with specific student needs.


  Healers have powers geared towards helping EAL and low-literacy kids (such as get a vocabulary list, etc.)

  Mages have powers geared towards enrichment (get a bonus question, etc.)

  Fighters have powers geared towards those with ADHD (2 minute water-break, etc.)

  Kids that don't fit any of these categories could just go with their preference...

Has anyone tried doing this? Any suggestions?

Hi Jared,

While I haven't set up character classes to match academic needs, I have set up my character classes to reflect students' personalities. They are already slightly geared towards this, but I tried to take it to the next logical level.  

Mages are "Masters of the Arcane" and are geared towards students who prefer to work alone and focus on their academics. I created a power called "Dark Magic" which lets them essentially use any other classes power, so their low health is rewarded with more versatile powers.

Warriors are "Battle-Hardened Protectors" and are geared towards students who may not be the most academically focused.  They have options that suit being disorganized or disruptive. I created powers that let these students delay due dates, go to their locker without penalty, and a way to get help on tests/quizzes.

Healers are "Clerics of the Divine" and are geared towards students who are academically focused, but enjoy social interactions. They have powers to read homework answers to the class, select the music we listen to in class, and get extra notes to use on open-note tests.

I hope this helps!

Before I found Classcraft, I did a lot of research on gamification. This blog has great info about the types of students and how they engage with gamifying:

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