Any homeschoolers out there?

Are there any homeschoolers using classcraft?

I am a classroom teacher, but my kids are homeschooled.  I haven't tried using CC with my kids yet and was wondering if any homeschoolers have found it useful.

I don't homeschool my daughter (even though I would love to, it's always been my dream, but as a single mom I don't see how I could do it!) but I still use Classcraft at home. My daughter is 11 and she loves it!


We're a family of four, two parents and two boys, 8 and 10, about to embark on a real-life adventure aboard a sailboat, down from Lake Champlain (near Montreal, Quebec, Canada) down along the US East Coast, all the way to the Caribbean and then... who knows! 

I'm currently looking for fun and effective ways of doing school work. ClassCraft looks great! I'm not sure we'll have a consistent enough Internet connection to use it regularly, and I am wondering if the effort to setup a "class" for two students is "worth it". Any thoughts?

I was also looking for input from other Homeschoolers (Boatschoolers in our case! ;)... Does anyone have any input on how classcraft could be implemented in a home-school-like environment?




We're in the set-up process for my two homeschooling children. My husband and I are playing as well, since you really need at least one of each class (warrior, mage, healer) to make an effective group. When I asked my kids (12 and 15) if it sounded interesting, they lit right up and are very excited. They enjoyed helping to customize the conditions in which they gain and lose points. We incorporated chores into it as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this works for us. Regardless, we're already recommending it to another game-loving homeschool family we know.


I am working part time and homeschooling our son (12 yo). My husband travels 50-80% of the time, so I can appreciate Lyne Parent's comment. I am just setting up the game for him and trying to see if I can include two other kids in our town to make it a little more interesting (we live pretty rurally) but I may need to change it up and just do our family.  Not sure how I am configuring things just yet. Any ideas from others would be appreciated.

What we did is that I created characters for the pets too! So the cats are healers and the dog is a mage... yeah! so when the dogs barks at another dog when we take a walk, she looses points... when the cats use their litter box, they get points (we needed to finds stuff we could give them points for!) We do have fun with it!

I just wanted to share- my 12 year old son suggested we create a new class for fitness. We established +XP for exercises, -HP if you don't exercise at all, and +GP if you don't eat any treats all day. We did it in a new class so that our fitness avatar will excel with our own bodies. I thought it was a great idea and wanted to put it out there for anyone looking to spice up the PE portion of homeschool. 

@ Lyne Love it.  :)

@ Nanci.  Cool idea.  I used Chore Wars with my kids a few years ago in the same way.  It is nice for repetitive tasks but am looking at maybe setting up a 'class' here for my kids (especially since my son is 'in' grade 9 this year and that is what I teach...)


We're about to do the same thing, with 13 and 16 yo boys. But we'll depart from Croatia as this is where we bought the boat (would have preferred to start from Lake Champlain too!). I'm starting to use CC now for chores and behaviors at home, and will probably use it for homeschooling as of next September while aboard our catamaran. If you have thoughts on your use aboard the boat, please let me know. I'm also worried about the practical usage of the platform when no internet could be used for days, or very slow internet...




My wife (jenn) and I are homeschooling our 11year old. I work from home (realtor) so I'm able to come up with creative ideas and help implement. We're hoping this helps make teaching and learning unique and fun. Looking forward to getting this started and joining the community. 

Steve D. 



We homeschool and love using ClassCraft. 

How do you deal with the multi-player aspect?

Steven Diadoo, 

I have 2 kids. Classcraft recommended having at least 3 players so the team can be balanced with a mage, healer and warrior. We've tried two things: 1- I am a player. I am working on my bachelors, so I put my grades in for experience just like the kids. They love having me play with them! 2- my son wanted to try something a little more complicated, but he's liked it. Each of use have 3 avatars and are our own team. Our mages are for everything academic; our warriors gain experience for everything physical/PE related; our healers gain experience for all life/family related things (like chores, service, family responsibilities, etc). 

At first my daughter just wanted to add myself and my husband so we would be a family team and then she got more creative and she wanted to make more of her own characters.

It looks like it is possible to share the classroom setup settings. Since many of the defaults are not applicable to homeschooling, is anyone that is using this for homeschooling willing to share their settings so we have a place to start/build upon? Thanks!

I am not sure how to share my settings as it looks as though people may be importing quests aka lesson plans, which would be awesome. Are you interested in sharing powers? consequences? random events? because I haven't customized those very much for our homeschool

I think I shared it with this link, if you want to take a look. It's just very customized to our home school

Walter, here are my shared settings:

I started using it for homeschool with my 2 kids (ages 13 -boy- and 9 -girl-) in late July when we started school. Since they don't both test at the same time, it's been  a bit of a learning curve to set up, but some of the things to pass tasks are like, each of you must finish the chapter you are on in your book, each of you must read for 15 minutes today, Son: recite the Northern Border States and daughter: make a list of 10 prepositions in order for both tho pass,  Both must individually recite (the Lord's Prayer, MLKJ speech, the preamble to the constitution or whatever.) there are some tasks I let them pass individually.  XP, GP etc are things like cleaning up their workspace, being dressed and put together before lunch time, not being distracting, not being negative, helping each other / me, chores.  The funny thing is, I looked at Mandi Peterson and Nanci Newell's just before writing this and we had so many of the same things written down.  LOL. The struggle is real.

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