A New Design!

Hey everyone,

We're pleased to release a new streamlined design! We made some changes to make navigation easier and to help new users better understand Classcraft. With any big changes like this, things can get overwhelming, so I'll take the time to outline the changes below and explain why we made them.


1. We've changed the sidebar design


We made the sidebar icons bigger and added a tooltip to make it easier to navigate the app. The buttons are now easier to click and you always know where they lead. 


2. We've grouped features under "Class Tools"


Classcraft gamifies classroom management and content; it also features a suite of tools to gamify everything else. Instead of keeping all these tools in the sidebar and making it cluttered, we moved them all into a handy new Class Tools section. 

Oh, and we added a new tool, too! Check out the Makus Valley.

3. We've moved the class selector


It used to be you could change classes by pressing the "Menu" button in the sidebar and then changing classes from the dropdown there. We moved the class picker into the header, so it's easy to change classes whenever you need to! 


4. We've moved the Book of Laments


In an effort to simplify the navigation and make all the information accessible in one place, we moved the Book of Laments from its own page to the header. You can also see outstanding sentences in a student's profile. Never forget a sentence again!


5. We've designed a new look


We also decided to make several interface tweaks we'd been meaning to do for a long time. Sleeker stat bars, a new power list in the student pane, redesigned power popups, a way to show/hide teammates on the student view, contextual help in the sidebar, etc. The list is long, but the changes should make Classcraft funner and easier to use. 

An added bonus is that Classcraft now has a URL for every view, meaning you can navigate the app using the "back" button in your browser.


Thanks for reading, everyone at Classcraft hopes you like the new changes! 


CEO & co-founder

@Adam - It works okay for me in Chrome on Windows 7. When the mouse cursor is in the Powers area, a scroll bar appears to the right (otherwise it's invisible). Then I can click and drag, or more conveniently use the mouse's scroll wheel to navigate. Not sure if this was a fix or if you missed it...


I love the look, but the random selectors no longer have a "pick another" button. You can only pick one student then you have to back to the tools and select the student/group selector again. Can we get this function back?

I think this is the pick another button.

Ah thank you. I saw the arrow and assumed it was the reset! Maybe a graphical change would help here?  Before it was a "target" circle wasn't it?

Is there a URL for just the Game Feed now? I would love to have just the game feed up in a corner of my smartboard...

I had another thought on a feature that would be a nice feature.

Some of my powers have to do with how many powers were used by students, but I always find it difficult to keep track of what was used. The Game Feed is useful, but tedious since each power use results in three different messages being added.

Could there be a spot added that gives you a review of just the powers that were used recently? (Or, alternatively, can the Game Feed be filtered somehow to just show one type of message at a time, such as power use, XP change, HP change, etc?)

Also, it would be nice if the Game Feed was streamlined so that less messages came up in general - perhaps can they be grouped together when all the messages are related to one event? (For example, if a student is rewarded 100XP, which results in a level up, and a GP gain. Normally, this would be three separate messages - could it be be somehow combined into one, or have the two "attached" messages be grouped under the XP gain, since they are all related?) The same could go for power use, which sometimes results in up to 5 messsages (power use, AP loss, XP gain, level up, GP gain all at once)

Thanks again!


My students noticed the changes. They (and me too) like it! Great job.

Great changes!


I love the design and the few tweaks you added makes a different.

I love the look of the new design, but I am having trouble with displaying the whole panel on my Chrome browser. The only way I can see all the way down to where the Learn Powers button is located is if I zoom out massively, depending on how many powers a player has.

Here is a screenshot of me zoomed at 100% (can't see most of the information).




And here is a screenshot of where I have to be to realistically be able to click on all of the buttons for a given character. (Zoom = 50%)




Is there some way I can fix this issue?

Hi, Adam!

Thanks for the feedback! We'll have the dev team look into this today.

I like how things have been cleaned up. The only critique my students have is that now their character seems smaller and almost secondary to their listed health status and abilities. 

Looks great everyone! I'm going to be starting a new teaching job down in Phoenix this coming school year and I'm hoping to bring Classcraft with me! 

I really like the new design for the most part, but I dislike how the powers are now in a vertical list instead of grouped.  I liked when students could see all of their powers on one screen without having to scroll down.  I have some very small monitors in my room, and now I can only see two powers at a time.

I LOVE the volume feature!  I can't wait to use it today.  Thank you!

When I select a sidebar icon, its circle becomes green but the icon disappears (i.e. the circle becomes empty).

OSX 10.11.6, FF 52.0.2. I can't reproduce this in Safari 10.0.2.

You are correct.  That helps.

Thanks for the upgrade.

I like the class tools.

Still missing some animations for the wheel of destiny.

The volume meter is perfect. I was using the countdown for a reading period in the morning, but now the volume meter is better.

I have some difficulty to see all the players profiles just like Adam Pugh said. It's hard to see powers on the bottom. Maybe if we can scroll down all the players profiles instead of just the bottom.




Good game!

Sorry for the poor english, I'm from Québec (home of Classcraft)!


My students love the new way Classcraft is displayed, but I have a few complains.

1- Like the others, we would like to see all the power at the same without having to scroll down. Example: a student wants to heal someone, but I have to scroll down to see if they have healing 2 or 3 or healing circle and if not, I have to scroll up again. 

2- Roue du destin isn't working anymore on Ipad pro with Safari.

3- The volume meter is a great new addition, I usually use an app for that. But why it isn't working on Safari? I have to download Chrome, but I don't want to...

Good job for the improvements. 


Love the volume meter.  The kids loved it too.  Best new feature.


Kiddos had same complaints as many here: seeing how much AP and XP you gain from a power (especially since you see in on the next screen too) isn't as important as being able to see all the powers you have access to (and the old way let you know you didn't have enough AP with the "white out" feature).  

My students and I mostly love the changes!  One critique that my students have is that when they are going to protect another student the pictures of their avatars have been replaced with pictures of the powers.  This is a little thing but worth mentioning nevertheless!  Otherwise we love the changes, especially the volume meter!

The new design is excellent, and a lot easier to use. I can see what students are doing within the game a lot easier, and I also can have access to their powers. This is a great resource and I love how this program is growing!

I love the new design, but I'm confused because now the Wheel of Destiny doesn't work in my classroom for some reason! Every other special feature does.

Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Gilles, our supported browsers are Chrome and Safari. There may be display issues if you're using another browser.

Jeff, I'll mention this to the team. You're right, it used to be the "Wheel" icon.

Jared, I'll pass this suggestion along to the team!

Stéphane, la Roue du destin sera réparée dans Safari ce soir. Pour ce qui est du sonomètre, c'est que Safari ne permet pas d'accéder au micro de l'ordinateur. Si Safari intègre cette fonctionnalité, nous pourrons ajouter le sonomètre dans ce navigateur.

Karin, I'll let the team know what your students said about the Team Response screen. 🙂

Thanks again!

Sarah, which browser are you using? We'll be releasing a fix for Safari tonight.

Thanks for the updates ~ I cannot get the volume meter to work however it may be due to my setup with my promethean board. I'll keep working on that unless there is another thought from someone.

My question is about the connection with grades from Google Classroom. I used to be able to see the names of the students & how many points they were earning with assignments, now I only see the number of students who submitted. I loved that feature, but bummed it's gone. Am I missing something? 

Again thanks, loving the program!

Hi, everyone!

We've reworked the Powers section to make the powers more visible.

Thank you all for the feedback!


I seem to be experiencing a glitch when selecting players from the Teams page. Often times when I select a student from the teams page (to take me back to the Players page so I can use a power for that student) it will bring me to a blank page where I have to scroll up and most of the top of the page will be partially obscured until I click another button. I will leave some screenshots to try to explain what I mean.

Here is what it looks like when I click on a student from the Team tab.


When it is blank I scroll up and I can start seeing some student info (I have removed the names on the left side)



And here it is scrolled up all of the way:


I have the latest update for Google Chrome and I use Windows 10. Any tips on how to get around this issue? I have already cleared my cache and restarted so I don't think it's a problem with saved browser data.

So here's an update after a little bit of tinkering with the problem. It only seems to happen to students who I have to scroll down for on the team page. It is almost as if it is remembering my position on the team page, and then transferring that over to the individual page. So, if I am all the way at the bottom of the team page and I click on a student, it will make me scroll up on the individual student's page the same amount as if I were to scroll up to the top of the team page (and the same goes if I were to click a student from the middle of the team page).


I have also figured out that if I hold my cursor over the student's avatar and background, I can scroll all the way to the top of the individual student page (before I had my cursor over the abilities and I could only scroll up so far).

Hey Daren, 

We fixed the issue. Thanks for the help!


My students and I love the new design. I'm still getting used to some of the features but it looks great. I also like how seamless the mobile app works with the game. It allows me to walk around the classroom and award points for on-task behaviours without being glued to my computer or smartboard. Classroom engagement has never been easier.

Is there a way to pause the volume meter?  I'd love to be able to pause it when I need to give directions or want the students to talk.  My work-around is to trigger it on purpose, and then pick false alarm.

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