A New Design!

Hey everyone,

We're pleased to release a new streamlined design! We made some changes to make navigation easier and to help new users better understand Classcraft. With any big changes like this, things can get overwhelming, so I'll take the time to outline the changes below and explain why we made them.


1. We've changed the sidebar design


We made the sidebar icons bigger and added a tooltip to make it easier to navigate the app. The buttons are now easier to click and you always know where they lead. 


2. We've grouped features under "Class Tools"


Classcraft gamifies classroom management and content; it also features a suite of tools to gamify everything else. Instead of keeping all these tools in the sidebar and making it cluttered, we moved them all into a handy new Class Tools section. 

Oh, and we added a new tool, too! Check out the Makus Valley.

3. We've moved the class selector


It used to be you could change classes by pressing the "Menu" button in the sidebar and then changing classes from the dropdown there. We moved the class picker into the header, so it's easy to change classes whenever you need to! 


4. We've moved the Book of Laments


In an effort to simplify the navigation and make all the information accessible in one place, we moved the Book of Laments from its own page to the header. You can also see outstanding sentences in a student's profile. Never forget a sentence again!


5. We've designed a new look


We also decided to make several interface tweaks we'd been meaning to do for a long time. Sleeker stat bars, a new power list in the student pane, redesigned power popups, a way to show/hide teammates on the student view, contextual help in the sidebar, etc. The list is long, but the changes should make Classcraft funner and easier to use. 

An added bonus is that Classcraft now has a URL for every view, meaning you can navigate the app using the "back" button in your browser.


Thanks for reading, everyone at Classcraft hopes you like the new changes! 


CEO & co-founder

I liked the new design... except! When a popup happens (like because I just used a power), it covers the button at the bottom. More specifically, if a student has taken damage, and the protect list pops up, if I click to let one protect, the popup happens, and then covers the button I need to click next.

I also have some scrolling issue in help.classcraft.com domain.

Hi Jess and Patrick,

Could you let me know which browser and device you're using? Unfortunately I haven't been able to replicate the problem in Chrome or Safari (our supported browsers).


Chrome on a Chromebook. Honestly, if I could just choose where the popups happened, it would be golden. Right now they occur in the bottom right hand corner. I think ideally they happen bottom left. OR there could be an option where they only happen when it's not my account clicking the power. This is ONLY a problem if I use something like protect or mana shield from my own account for a student when it pops up after I deal damage. I don't really need popups at that time. They are more useful for me when kids click their powers from their accounts.

Having the tag "____ days ago" on the sentences in the book of laments would be useful.


Also, any update on more character building options?  Changing the color palate or being able to Dye your gear a different color would be a fun add.

Hello again, 

It would be awesome for the students if they could have a notification when I had new things in classroom contents. A simple red marker like the one they have when there is a new message in the conversation. 

Good job again for all the good work


I had another thought on a feature that would be a nice feature.

Some of my powers have to do with how many powers were used by students, but I always find it difficult to keep track of what was used. The Game Feed is useful, but tedious since each power use results in three different messages being added.

Could there be a spot added that gives you a review of just the powers that were used recently? (Or, alternatively, can the Game Feed be filtered somehow to just show one type of message at a time, such as power use, XP change, HP change, etc?)

Also, it would be nice if the Game Feed was streamlined so that less messages came up in general - perhaps can they be grouped together when all the messages are related to one event? (For example, if a student is rewarded 100XP, which results in a level up, and a GP gain. Normally, this would be three separate messages - could it be be somehow combined into one, or have the two "attached" messages be grouped under the XP gain, since they are all related?) The same could go for power use, which sometimes results in up to 5 messsages (power use, AP loss, XP gain, level up, GP gain all at once)

Thanks again!

Thank you all for your suggestions! The team will consider each of them.

Also, @Kyle, we're not working on more character building options at this time.

les changements sont vraiment géniaux.... le sonomètre est vraiment extra.... merci pour ces super changement

Merci beaucoup, Chantal! 😄

I have a few more suggestions after using the new features for a few weeks.

- I'd love it if the volume meter had a pause button.  Sometimes I want to pause it for a louder activity, or there's an announcement, or a video.  Right now I trigger it, leave the window up, and then choose false alarm.  A pause button would be easier.

- It would be great if students could check more than one person to heal/protect at a time.  Right now my warriors have to go to the damage queue, click on the event, scroll down to find their group, click on a team member, choose the power...and then start the process all over again if they want to heal or protect more than one.  If they had check boxes so they could heal or protect more than one team member at a time, it would save a lot of time and clicks.

Thank you!

I'd like to revisit the idea of being able to duplicate events. For two reasons - first, it makes it easier to make events that are essentially identical, except with different classes. This is a bit more time-consuming now with the automated events, so a clone tool would be handy.

As well, in case a teacher wants to have multiple copies of one event (in my case, Random Encounter), I'd like to be able to simply make several copies so it could come up multiple times in a year.


If I have multiple damage incidents in the queue, it won't let my students click on anything other than the first one.  Today I had one individual student with damage, and then a class damage event, and my warriors couldn't protect until the first damage had been dealt with.  Can it be changed so that students can help with any damage in the queue?

I agree - it doesn't happen often, but students should be able to protect any damage.

It's been a while since I've been able to log in and check everything out.  The new design was a great surprise!

Hi, everyone!

Thanks for your suggestions!

We will consider adding a "Pause" button to the Volume Meter, and we will work on making it possible to duplicate random events.

Allowing students to use their powers on any item in the queue, however, would go against the game mechanics, so that won't be possible.

Bien vu !

Encore plus agréable à présent ;)


Keep on !

J’aimerais pouvoir utiliser classcraft uniquement avec mon ipad.

tout est ok pour le moment sauf pour assigner des élèves à un groupe : il faut « glisser déposer »..; et je n’arrive pas à le faire ni dans l’app, ni via safari. 

> y a t’il une solution pour m’éviter d’ouvrir un pc juste pour cette etape ?


Bonjour Romain,

Malheureusement, la configuration des groupes et des équipes doit être faite sur ordinateur.

Nous sommes désolés de l'inconvénient!

Petite précision: Sachez toutefois que nous y travaillons. :-)

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