Adaptable Powers

As my class and I have grown with this program throughout the year, one thing I would love to see added is the ability to customize the powers even more.  I would like to have the option to choose which abilities automatically pop up when a student takes damage.  I have added powers that give students the option to avoid sentences, or reflect damage back onto my character, but because I can't make them auto populate they are forgotten and end up being useless.  It would be great to have the option to check a box when altering a power that allows it be incorporated into those game mechanics. 

This would be a great feature - even if the powers can't be programmed to automatically take effect, having them on the options of damage or death would be awesome.

As a note for the powers that are "pre-programmed", could there be a "default" and "custom" option?

If the "default" is selected, then the regular automatic effect will be what happens (like Heal 1), but if the teacher changes the power to custom, the power loses all "automatic" effect and must be managed like the other editable powers - by the teacher. That way, teachers could still keep the automatic convenience of the default powers, but they also have the option to expand on them (if they are ok with sacrificing that convenience)

While I'm on the topic of powers, it would be really great if the order of power attainment could be customized, so that teachers can decide what powers lead to what in the chain.

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