[Solved] Delete students who have moved?

I have had students move. How can I delete or archive individual students, not a whole class?

Hi Paige,

To remove the students from your class,  navigate to the "Students" section of your class settings and click the pencil button across from their name to access their info. In the bottom right, you'll find a red "Remove Student" button (after clicking the button, make sure to click the red checkmark to confirm your choice).

I do not have a pencil button on my screen when I go to the students section under settings.

Hi Max,

Would it be possible that you're not seeing the entire Classcraft window? You could try using CTRL and  "+" or CTRL and "-" to zoom in and out. That might help you find that pencil button. 

Please let me know if you still can't find it! 

I would like to know how can I delete a group class?

Hello Ernesto!

You can delete or "archive" a class in your class settings. On your teacher homepage, hover your mouse cursor over the circular bubble ( ... ) next to the class you would like to delete and choose "settings". Once you're in your class settings, scroll down to “Archive” (the last option, under “Advanced”).

Please note that when you are archiving a, this will always be a permanent action. It fully deletes the class and its information, and cannot be unarchived.

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