Students and Sentences

I think it would be quite useful if, while a student is in the Book of Laments, the game would automatically disable their ability to perform powers, gain XP, and lose HP. My understanding is if they have "fallen in battle" they cannot gain any rewards until they have performed the sentence. I find myself having to keep track of who is in there and make sure to mark them "absent" so they don't get rewards or penalties from the Random Events or when I'm passing out rewards and punishments to large swaths of the class. It would just help with some management of the game.


I ike this idea and would love to see it implemented as an option. I think the main reason they don't do it like this, though, is that different people handle "fallen in battle" differently. But I like your ideas of no xp, no powers, no HP, etc. until the lament is completed. I'd even go so far as to no changing costume and no training pets during this time either. It would encourage kids to go ahead and do whatever it is and get it over with.

But again, I know each teacher handles it differently.

Good thoughts! And a pretty cool name, if I do say so. :)

I agree with the aforementioned idea about disabling student powers and changing gear until they have performed whatever "sentence" they have incurred from falling in battle. Currently, I have a quiz grade set up for the students where every time they fall in battle, their grade drops. They can earn points back for completing their sentence. This rewards students for not only staying alive, but also provides an incentive for students to perform the task as it ties in to an easy academic grade for them.

Thank you all for your feedback! I'll make sure to pass this suggestion along to the team.

I vote for this idea, too. This is a necessary suspension of account action, as they are "beyond the game" until they are restored by the GM. One more part of this, temporary change their avatar to a default "fallen in battle." Not a skeleton or anything morbid, perhaps a monument/statue with "fallen" written on the base, or a generic mourner/lamenter, if not the guy next to the book on the laments page. Just not them like nothing's going on.

Anne- Marie - was this implemented?

Hi Abena,

This has not been added to classcraft yet but I've added your voice to this particular feature request! We often review our feature requests to decide on what to work on so that extra vote will give this more visibility.


I am new to Classcraft.  As I am getting ready to launch it for my remote learning platform, I also agree with all of the above comments.  I think it would be beneficial to have all other game play suspended (frozen) until a student completes a consequence. 

It would be nice if this were the default..

I agree, this is a brilliant idea and I find myself needing to do this anyway. It would be a great feature to add, makes sure they complete their sentences.

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