Can you offer classroom decor?

It would be really great if you offered classroom decor to match the game, i.e. banners of the backgrounds, team crest banners, etc.  Would this be something you might consider in the future?  I would be willing to pay a little bit extra for that to decorate my classroom in keeping with the theme of the game.  Just a suggestion!

Hi Jessica,

That's a fun idea! Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

I have each team's banner printed and laminated.  I also use the little owl on a clothespin to keep track of which team are classroom helpers each day. :)

I love your Grey Wind pin, Jason! 😊

I created a Leaderboard by making decorative tags in PowerPoint.

I also made a Team Leaderboard

Classcraft gives you some great downloadable art to use.


New this year is my Leveling Board.

Wow, very impressive, Robert!

Nice touch with the pet training rewards!

Thanks for sharing. :-)

Robert! Would you mind sharing those somewhere? I'd love to print some for my room! Thank you. 

What would you like and I can share it on Google Drive or something?

Maybe I just can't find them, but when I downloaded the Classcraft Images, they didn't have the cool outfits the characters you printed out do. I also love the weapons and the titles for the characters (Pyro Mage, Herbalist, etc.). Those were not in the download am I looking in the wrong place? I would also like the file where you have student names; what a great idea! 

In my classroom, I have a giant mural of one of the backgrounds as well as a handmade (best of my ability) cardboard shield with past winners, so I'm all about gaming up the classroom. Thanks for inspiring me to do even more!

Here's a picture of the mural from farther away before it was finished...

Very nice! I made the level badges by creating a bogus character of each class and screen capturing the armor, pets, and badges for female and male. I will share that with you as well as anything else that I can. If you want to send me your email address I could add you to a Google Team Drive. I made the drive for sharing Classcraft documents with a group of people I presented to at an eConference. Just email me at RLEPPERT@GCCSCHOOLS.COM and I will add you to the drive.

Wow! I'd like to add somethings similar in the future.

@ Sir Robert Leppert. i tried sending you an email but no avail. I wish to have access to your google drive because i find it really nice. i hope you can share your resources with me. thanks!


I would be happy to add you to the Team Drive. You can either contact me at RLEPPERT@GCCSCHOOLS.COM, or leave me your email address. Please make sure the email address you give me is linked to a Google account or Google Drive won't let me add you.

hey! thank you soooo much. here is my email. I'll be waiting for the access. thanks! :)

Sir Robert,

My name is John Pienkowski, in Virginia Beach. You have a spectacular display! Please add me to your Google Drive. >> or my school email >>


Thank you!

Sir Robert, 

How does you Level up board work exactly?  As they level up they get new powers, but how do you keep track if they have more than one?  


My leveling board just tracks their actual level. No powers are tracked on that board. It's just a way to encourage competition and have recognition for accomplishments.

Would you mind telling me what size you printed the images on your level board?  Are they just the size that they appear when I click on the word document?  This is awesome.  I would love to collaborate with you on how you use ClassCraft and connect our classrooms.  I teach 5th grade.

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