I would love to see a special type of notification or alert to let me know that a student is using a personal power.  Right now I have to try to track down what they have done or they have to tell me.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for your suggestion! In the meantime, you could activate browser notifications in your account profile. That way, you could be notified when a student uses a power and, depending on your computer's settings, you could keep track of it in the notifications center.

I have notifications activated on my account profile, however, I only sporadically receive notifications. Is there a way to ensure that every time a power is used, I see it come up on my screen? Or, perhaps a way to access all of these notifications in one place?

I have also suggested previously making the Game Feed more organized and readable by grouping certain events together. One last thought on this - could the Game Feed have a filter feature, so you could filter it by student name? (That way, only game feed topics that would pertain to them would show up?)

I find going through the Game Feed quite tedious, especially when I award each student XP for attendance (and then there are 15-25 instances of "So and so gained 50 XP" - with a couple of level up, GP, etc messages tossed in).

Thanks for all your hard work!

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