[Solved] Leveling Up?

I have a question about students leveling up. I am not sure why this is (or even if it's supposed to be like this), but the # of XP required for different students to level up is different, even if they're the same class of character. For example, on the screenshot included, there are two warriors. One warrior is already level 4 and needs a total of 6000 XP to level up to level 5, whereas another warrior is still at level 3 and needs 8580 XP to level up to level 4. This is a drastic difference!
It appears that I have it set at leveling up after 1500 XP, but this 8580 number is not even a multiple of that number. The warrior at level 3 is a little bit upset about this and I told him that I would ask. Is it a glitch? Is it supposed to be that way? Is there any way to fix it? Thanks! 

Hi Sarah,

I suspect your Level 3 students are playing in more than one class (either with you or with another teacher). In Multi-Class, the students' level cap is the sum of all their level caps in their different classes (they also have more opportunities to gain XP!).

Let me know if you have further questions. :-)

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