Does anybody use badges and/or achievements in their game?

If so, how do you go about doing it?

Hey I'm planning on doing something like that on the new game I'm preparing for my class.

I will use the idea from Catan of price for larger territory conquered, large army and stuff
and I also want to add badges for more collavorative team, less experience gap and others, But need time to work on them and the designs, maybe on holidays

I do this in two ways.  

  • We use Blackboard for our Learning Management system and it has badges you can set up.  So I have "Unit Expert" badges there that students gain by earning 90% of the unit points or more.
  • I also have a leaderboard set up as just a plain HTML page in Blackboard.  Here students vote to award others on their team badges for most helpful, creative, epic, etc.  I use free online badge makers like this site:  to make the badges!  This takes a lot of the time out of it!


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