8th Grammar Review Quest

I created this grammar review quest based on my students asking me to help them review problem areas, things like using commas, punctuating dialogue, and your/you're.

I've made the quest differentiated so if students do poorly on a quiz, they will be redirected to another one on the same subject. I started making this quest before they connected the quests to Classroom where I could have just made a Google Form for these, but I am just going to have students screenshot and email me their results in order to progress in the quest. 

I've spent roughly 7 hours on this and used the Mage island as my setting. Let me know what you think!



This is amazing and I'm totally going to use it!!!

Thank you, Amanda! I worked SO hard on this! I hope your kids enjoy it :) 

So I really love the layout, but I'm just confused about one thing. How do you determine which path they unlock? I noticed that my student skipped a stage when I said he passed.  I'm trying to update it to use quill.org activities, since that's what I'm already using for grammar in class. It's a ton of work, and I am doubly impressed that you did it from scratch!!

It's because I differentiated the paths. If a student does well, they get to move to the next big objective. If they don't, they have to take a different quiz on the same subject :) Does that help?? 

Thank you! This helps a bunch.

This is amazing!  What a huge amount of work you have put into the quest.  Thank you for sharing it and inspiring me!  

How do you know what the students have scored on the quiz?  Do they have to tell you or take a screenshot of their score?

Thanks again.

Tobi, I have the students take a screenshot of their scores and email them to me (or if we are taking class time to work on the quest, then they can show me real-time). But mainly I use screenshots for now. Like I said, I made this right before they added the Google Classroom link, otherwise I would've used Forms. 

This is fantastic, Natalea! It's also given me some great ideas about differentiation. Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you so much, Peter! I'm glad it sparked some ideas for you :) 

This is my first time to use the website and I am looking for some quests to try out with my students.  Thank you for sharing your quest.  This is really amazing.  

Thank you, Rodelio! I appreciate your kind words :) 

Wow, this is incredible! I am very much looking forward to trying this quest out with my grade 8 students! Such a lot of work - what an inspiration!!

Thank you, Erin! I put a lot of work into it, and I hope you and your students enjoy it! 

It looks great, Natalea!  I copied your quest into the updated version of Classcraft and set the Assignment for each task to be uploading a Screenshot of their results.

There didn’t seem to be an easy way to migrate your quest to the updated version.  My students don’t have a school email, and I didn’t want to post 30+ assignments in Classroom.

Thanks for the quest...I’m looking forward to sending my kids forth on this journey!


This one looks great! Thank you so much for sharing. I do wonder.. If they don't pass, what steps do they take in order to prepare for the second attempt?

What an awesome Quest! +3000 GP right here! :)

Thanks for the feedback, Doug! I hope they like the storyline!


Jess, the quizzes are graded by the site. Under each question it tells the student why they missed what they missed. I have them write out the rules they missed on a piece of paper before they take the second quiz :) 

Thanks, Andrew! I can't wait to make more with the newer interface and maps! 


OMG! No words to express my feeling right now. Amazing! Thank you for spending time and sharing this amazing quest!

This is insane. You've made my Christmas. Thanks for all your work!

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