Boss Battle?

Can you make a boss battle part of the quest for the students to do at home?

 A feature I would love to see added to Boss Battles is the ability to show a question BEFORE it chooses a random student or team.  That way, every student/team would be engaged in the question and figuring out the answer instead of the just the already chosen team/student.

I would really like to see that as a form of self-correcting quiz integrated within Classcraft.  I currently have to link back to the quizzes on my school's LMS, which can get a little hairy if the student is logged in at home.

Hi, everyone!

That's not possible at the moment.

We'll eventually be adding self-correcting quizzes to Quests, though, which will work similarly to Boss Battles.

luckily my classes are small enough where I send them to me to take on the bosses. i'll drop a boss into a quest like this and then they have to come to me and face off with the boss if they win the battle they advance and if they are defeated they go to review. but having students be able to do so on their own would be great.

This WOULD be an awesome feature to add!

Fantastic idea. The countdown timer and the sound meter would be welcome additions as well.

can I share a bossbatlle with my colleague?


Will be really happy to see if Boss Battles can be added to a quest. I have a quest where at times students work as a team to move on to the next phase of the quest and other parts where they complete a task. Usually, I have them go out to our Moodle to take a quiz then return to their quest upon completion. Would just add to the drama/excitement of the quest.

I don't believe that you can, but I think that would be an awesome feature to add.  

Love this idea!  

I'd like to know the answer to this question as well...



I love the idea of having an image and having students do a boss battle randomly in class!  Have you expanded it to use their class craft groups as well? I could see a fun 5 question boss as a good team builder...thanks for sharing! 

It looks cool!

That is a GREAT idea.

I agree! What I can tell you is that changes to Boss Battles are in the pipeline so something really great might be coming out soon! :)

REALLY awesome things are coming; and I can't wait to get to show you all!

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