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Hello all!

I'm curious if people are using storylines to guide the Classcraft experience? 

I developed a rudimentary system using Google Slides for Human Biology, entitled "Corporia: The Living City". Students made their way through a city whose buildings were analogous to human body functions (for example, the City Centre was the heart, the Council was the brain, the Market was the digestive system, etc.)

I have plans to fine-tune it and develop it further, but I also want to begin designing a second one for the Diversity of Life course (Animal/Plant Biology). I am looking to make it about impending war in the kingdoms, entitled "The Six Kingdoms of Life". The problem, of course, is finding the time to do this next section.

What kinds of storylines are others using in their classes?


I am starting at a new school this Fall and I am also trying to develop a story line for my physical science.  I decided to title it "The Natural Philosopher", which is based on the first ancient scientists.  Since my class covers the basics of both chemistry and physics, so I am trying to create something like a quest which ultimately ends in the creation of a machine to destroy the evil empire - A.K.A. Rube Goldberg Machine - which uses everything from the entire year.  I am thinking of having each unit be a piece of the machine that gets put together at the end.  

I am not sure if other people have story lines as well.  I think I saw a webinar using Classcraft in math that uses his own story line.

Hello Adam,


I will be starting a storyline in a world called Telluria, it's more of a 3 year saga, this year with my students. For reference I teach 9th and 10th graders Biology, 11th is Scientific Research and Design (SRD), and 12th Engineering Design and Problem Solving (EDPS). The two latter classes have a focus in rocket building. Most of my students will eventually take SRD and perhaps EDPS their Senior year. My intention is to have a world tie all three classes together, their focus in the world is different based on content. My biology students will be exploring my world on how science and magic can be used to cure,mend, and save life as they know it from the corruption, magical viruses, spreading from the Shrouded Isles, to the south. I don't not have specific quests in mind yet, but I plan to allow the world to grow through this year. I am totally excited for the recent update with the quest feature; as it will allow me to further implement my lesson plans into the game and even have differentiation due to the diverging paths I can create. Biology will finish with having a cure of the Shrouded Plague, and realized that a war is coming. This will lead into my SRD class where they will have to combat against the forces spreading the Plague and Darkness across the land. The end project of the class they have to make a rocket that will travel 1 mile high with a 1 pound payload and launch it. I will be using this project as a way to end of this story for the saga. I plan to build excitement for the next year and the start of the following school year by having students find a mystical recording. Where my EDPS class will pick up with this recording, basically holocrons from Starwars, My EDPS classes have to learning about the history of rockets from China to modern day. I plan for to to receive some of this information from these Chronicles/Holocrons and research about these ancient civilizations. Where they will eventually learn that the world they live in is a post-apocalyptic Earth, where scientist attempted to use the Sun's fusion for a renewable energy. However, these scientist caused the Sun to exploded resulting in two smaller Suns. This explosion resulting a rift happening in the space-time continuum where magic leaked into our universe can mutated all living creatures, humans included, and blended with science. Hence, why we now have magic and healing in our world. 

These all sound interesting and hoping eventually I can get the rest of the school on board and go premium. Students are having so much fun now in the free version I can only imagine how much that would increase if we were using the premium version.

I was even thinking of using story lines from popular comic book, sci movies, fantasy movies(Lord of the Rings) and changing the titles to tie into Science for when in the future we use the premium version.

Hey Jared will you contact me I have some questions about how you have set up classcraft. I am new to it.


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