Volume Meter Tweak

The volume meter is an amazing addition to the game. The only problem is that it disappears if I also try to run the stopwatch or countdown features. It would be great if they could run at the same time as I like to use the volume meter for the entire class period.

Not sure if it would work, but could you use two browsers and log in to Classcraft on both? Like Firefox and Chrome? I know Classcraft only officially supports certain browsers, but I would try it that way to see.

I think the Volume Meter is fantastic as well. There are two features I'd love to see added, setting a prize at the end is great and I love the damage dealt for noise, but it would be great if the prize could also be decreased. If that is impossible, the other feature would just be a simple "failure limit" where if they fail ___ number of times the prize is eliminated.

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