"Imitating" Students

This might already be a feature, but I have no idea how to access it if it is.

However, if there were way to "imitate" a student so you could see the screen/program from their perspective would be really cool. I have no idea how the gear and pets work because I cannot see them from my interface, and thus, am not able to fully help my students use these. 


Is it possible to create a student account for yourself and add to the class? This seems like the easiest way to view the game from the student perspective.

Hi, Sarah!

As Luke said, the only way to test the student view would be to add a student representing yourself in your class and create a student account using the student code you generated.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you both so much for the help! I appreciate it!

You're very welcome! :D

It would be great if there was a button to click to see the student view.  I find it cumbersome to keep logging in and out of my accounts to see what they see.  Also, if I do a Google Classroom linked assignment, my student character can't see it because my board will not allow me to add a student that doesn't have an email address from our domain.

Tobi, if you use different browsers ie; chrome and firefox you can have two iterations of the game openunder different accounts. I do this using my 'test' student account to check as I write quests.

You could also just open a new window with Chrome but browse as a guest or use incognito mode. That would allow you to have two accounts open simultaneously. Different browsers work too, but then you don't have to deal with the other browser at all!


If you are logged in, just click your name at the top right corner and it should give you a drop-down of options. You can just choose guest from there.

Agree with Tobi. A student view button would be great.

Please make this a thing! 

Hey, everyone!

Thanks for sharing! I just wanted to let everyone know that this feature has been brought up to the team for their consideration and that I will be adding everyone voice from this forum thread to back up the request!

Have a great day, keep these awesome suggestions coming, and stay tuned! :)

Thank you, Andrew! Student view would be immensely helpful, I teach ESOL and need to screenshot a lot of the directions so students can actually see what they need to do.

This would definitely be a useful tool.  My students talk to me about how they have 'fed' their pet or bought something new.  However I cannot see this.  It would be extremely beneficial to view 'as' a particular student.  I use this in other programs like Schoology and it is very helpful.

When will this be implemented?


I agree, a student view would be a wonderful addition

Student View would be AMAZING!!!! YES, Please!!

Hi Everyone,

We heard you and a way for teachers to experience the student view is something we really wish to bring in a future update!

Stay tuned!

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