Suspending play for a class?

I have a class that is more interested in Classcraft than their gpa in the class.  I want to suspend play until grades and academic motivation improve.  I don't want the students to be able to access the class in Classcraft during this time.  What is the best way to block their accounts?  I don't want them to lose their character nor levels/powers/pets.

Ron in California

Hi, Ron!

You could use Classcraft as leverage to help them focus on their studies. For example, you could emphasize giving XP for grades and for positive academic efforts. You could also remove HP if they’re looking at Classcraft when they should be focusing on the lesson.

If they’re into the game, and they progress by doing good academic behaviors, then they would focus on academics to continue to succeed in-game.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your response.  I do have the incentives built into my XP.  I just need to stop the game and block their accounts for a period of time.  I don't want to archive the class because they will lose their character, powers, and pets.  Simply not playing and requesting them to stay off Classcraft isn't working.  I check the game feed and see that during class when they are supposed to be on other websites, they are accessing their accounts and training pets or using powers.


Hi Ron,

I understand, but it's not possible to block student accounts.

I would have suggested you use the "Reset Passwords" button in your class settings to change all students' passwords to something only you know, but if their accounts are linked with Google, they'll simply use the Google sign-in to access the game.

You could, however, remove all their AP and set the AP regeneration to 0 in your advanced class settings, making it impossible for them to use their powers. Perhaps you could go as far as removing all their GP, although that wouldn't stop them from training their pets.

Good luck!

I need to suspend the game for 24 to 72 hours.  Is this not possible?  I'm with Ronald that the game cannot override the bigger lessons of both school and "life".  Is there a way to suspend the game?


Hi Bill,

There's no option to suspend the game, but I will share your comments and suggestion with the team.

Thank you!

I, too, would love to have a temporary suspension option. I LOVE Classcraft and do not want to archive the class to deal with a temporary problem, but if that's what it takes to deal with the real-world issues I'm having in the classroom, I will do it. Thank you for sharing this suggestion with your team. It would make Classcraft even better.

Same here! I'm completely in love with Classcraft but one of my classes is waaaaaay more focus on training their pets so suspend temporarily those accounts will definitely help with this kind of issues, if not, the only other solution would be to close the entire class, which will be very unfair for those students that are focusing on their work.

I can't understand that there's a financial point in the impossibility of suspending a class, but isn't this app mainly based on education and pedagogical methods? Giving enough tools to teachers will increase the amount of school using this app, otherwise, people would go to other resources.

Hi Barbara,

We are always exploring new features that can added to our platform and giving teachers more options is constantly on our mind. 

Our engineers are currently working on awesome new features that we hope you'll really enjoy but you can be sure that I added your voice to our feature request platform.

Hopefully we can develop this temporary suspension function and add it in a future update to Classcraft!

I would love to suspend a student until they clear the book of laments.

I agree with Kelly Parker on this issue. The ability to suspend a certain student's access to pets, powers, and all other Classcraft features until they have cleared the Book of Laments would make this game much better. I heard a student say to another student, "I don't care if I'm on there. I can still earn points and train my pets. I don't care if I ever get out of the Book [of Laments]." It is very frustrating not to have a feature to suspend them without deleting them. If I can't figure out a way, I will have to archive the entire class and try something different with these students.

-Nichole Willden

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