Quest Questions/Suggestions

Hi! I'm loving the quest feature and have been using it to host my 7th grade ELA units.

I was wondering about some possible features. Do you guys have a dev-roadmap? Anyways, as a teacher, here's some features that would be in my fantasy dev-map lineup to make Classcraft the most ultimate LMS and classroom management tool of all time!:

Way down the line, I'm thinking of a customizable skill-tree to align with standards-based grading/teaching practices. The quest tasks could be aligned with teacher created course skills (or standards). Much like badges, as students complete the skill/standards aligned tasks they work their way toward earning the skill badges. These could have GP, XP, and other ability rewards once complete. Students and teachers could view progress on a skill-tree page where each skill would then link to the attached quest-tasks and subsequent student work/evidence. This would be a great way to keep track of student mastery and also serve as a type of portfolio. 

Anyways, thanks for a great product! 

All the above ideas are fantastic!  All I was thinking is that it would be nice to follow up a completed task with a little extra story to help smooth the transition between tasks.  Depending on student success, the story chain would vary.

Thanks, just rolling this out tomorrow, so I think I'll be back with suggestions, hopes and dreams later!

Wow, all of these suggestions are just fantastic!

I would really like grading to match standards-based grading practices.

I am new to classcraft and not a gamer.  The more I play with this game the more I keep coming back to Nicholas Fahey's suggestions.  They are all really good. I love the idea of standards based grading.  I want to give my students the option to redo things until they master the standard.  Maybe even give them increasingly difficult tasks as they level up to evolve their character as they deepen their mastery of the standards.  One student asked "What is the object of the game?  How do we win?"  What is the answer to that question?  I told my students we were experimenting with it and they were my guinea pigs.  I think mastering the standards would be my ultimate object of the game if I could choose. 

@Mirriam, tell them the objective is to get to the highest level possible at the end of the year.There is no winning in CC the way students think of a "real" game. Since students are by teams I make it a competition, each month we reward the top team and top player(with the most XPs). At the end of the year I print their certificates which has their avatars on it. I also have a big prize for the top player and top team at the end of the year. I have 5 classes(periods) this year I am having a pizza party for the top team and top 3 players of each class. So the students always want to earn as much XP as they can through quests, by helping out in class, answering questions, ect. Also you will encounter students who are not gamers and don't care about how their characters look. So I have a class store and they can purchase other tangible items with their GPs, such as candies, pencils, extra credit points, etc. This seems to keep these kids motivated to work hard and leveling up to earn more GP.

On devrait pouvoir retirer facilement un élève du jeu temporairement ou pour plus longtemps sans que ce soit aussi compliqué. Ça m'arrive parfois de le faire lorsqu'un élève ne fait pas ses devoirs, ses sentences, est turbulent, etc... perd des hp qui le font tomber combat et fait aussi tomber les membres de son équipe au combat. Parfois, c'est une demande de l'équipe qui font la demande pour les mêmes raisons. Parfois, c'est un élève qui n'aime pas le jeu (avec souvent un courriel du parent (envoyé à moi ou à la Direction...) qui ne veut plus que son enfant joue à Classcraft. Présentement, que je ne mette pas l'élève dans une équipe ou que j'en crée une pour pour un unique joueur, la roue du destin dans sa fonction "choixde l'équipe" fera en sorte qu'il pourra être sélectionné.

À la limite, c'est plutôt facile à contourner puisqu'on n'a qu'à refaire la Roue du destin, mais lorsqu'il s'agit d'un événement du jour qui fait perdre des HP à une équipe, ça devient pas mal compliqué, et encore plus si ça fait tomber au combat l'élève.

Bref, on devrai pouvoir mettre faire en sorte qu'un élève ne soit plus dans une équipe, mais qu'il ne soit pas considéré comme étant une équipe (un genre de programmation qui ferait en sorte qu'aussitôt qu'une équipe n'a qu'un joueur, ce n'est plus une équipe, mais un joueur seulement au niveau des événements du jour, roue du destin ou autres trucs.

I would really like the ability to select a task as either character type specific, or team/individual task

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