Quest Progress issue

I apologize if this is in, and I'm just not seeing it.  An issue that I'm running into with my first quest is with progression.  I placed all my steps and realized I missed one, so I changed the path of my quest to include the new stop, which worked fine, but the "Quest Progress Center" order did not change, which I'm finding is causing problems.  Students are getting a message that they can't turn in the task. 


Some sort of numbering order system in the progress center to rearrange the quest order or even drag and drop feature would be awesome.

Hi Matt,

For the moment there's no way to change the quest ordering on the Progress Center. That being said, it should have no effect on the student's progression. If they can't turn in the task, could it be because you've already selected an outcome for them (green checkmark or red X)?

Let me know!

I am running into trouble with students being able to proceed to the next assignment on a quest. Everything has worked well till today. Now after I select the green check mark after reviewing a student's assignment, they are unable to view the next assignment on the quest map to proceed. I have also noticed the quest order has been changing on me, For example, I inserted an end to one quest on the map. All dots are connected correctly, but in the progression area the END to the quest shows up in a different place before other uncompleted tasks.

Hi Daniel,

I'll create a ticket for you. You can expect to receive an email from Classcraft!

How do you change a path on the map? I can't see a way to delete or move it.

Hi Abena,

You can edit your path or delete them by clicking on the blue 'Path' button in the menu above your quest map.

This article from our knowledge center should guide you in these manipulations:


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