[Solved] Duplicating Quests

I have set up a quest for my Homeroom class and I am trying to figure out how to duplicate it for my other class (who is doing the same exact thing). Is there a way to do this or do I manually have to go in and add each task again?


Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Kandace,

You can check out this article on importing quests!

Let me know if you have further questions. :-)

I had to make an update to my quest, but I cannot figure out how to update my other classes. It appears the update only applied in the class that I made the change. 

Hi Gabrielle,

If you make changes to your original quest after having imported it to other classes, these changes will not be replicated in the copies of the quest.

In other words, you must access each copy and replicate the changes in each class.

I apologize for the inconvenience!

Do the quests that I created disappear once the year is over?


Hi Anne-Marie, I don't see the button "Import".  What am I doing wrong?

Hi Tania,

I transferred your question into an email exchange as I will need more information to investigate why you do not see the import button.

When I try to follow the link, it says that page does not exist. I too don't have an import link button that I am seeing.

Hi Shaun,

This an older thread so the link found above no longer works.

Here is the updated link on how to duplicate quests. 


There are a few ways to integrate a desired quest into any given class. 

You can “Assign” a quest to as many classes that you have, and any changes made to that quest in any class will reflect the rest of the classes it is assigned to.

You can “Duplicate” any quest, and during the duplication process, you can assign it to any class you would like.  This is a stand-alone copy of the quest so any changes you make to the duplicated quest in a class, won’t affect the quest in any other quest.

These options, as well with many others, can all be found in your “My Library” section found under your profile (the icon in the top left corner of your screen while on game.classfraft.com).  Here is a link for the “my Library” overview.


Finally, when creating a new class you can “Import” a quest from your collection of quests. 

Let me know if clarifies things for you, and if you’re still having difficulty let us know! :)

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