Suggesting More Control over Boss Battles

Sometimes we all make mistakes (I've accidentally hit the wrong answer choice when the students gave the right answer, or vice versa). It would be nice to be able to either provide an option to have a team defer a given question, or outright skip the question and move on to the next. It would also be nice to be able to retcon damage given / received from previous questions. I would also enjoy seeing an "overkill" feature that gives students the chance to play through the remainder of any questions left after a boss has fallen for additional XP and GP.

I like the "overkill" idea.

overkill. Love it.  Because currently I can't finish my review when they get x number of questions correct.

Another option would be to have the boss use some magic on itself like healing or something like that when it reaches a low HP count. It could be an option that you can enable/disable just like the critical hits and misses.  It would had an extra layer to the battle system and might not be too hard to implement.

I love the retcon idea; we're all fallible. I feel the need for a timer within the boss battle though. I use my phone in class as a time but the ability to create a set count down would both make it more transparent, and allow quick turnover of questions rather than me resetting my phone timer every time.

Great idea's, everyone! Thank you so much for sharing. 

I'll be sharing these with the team, so keep them coming!!

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