So I've made a multi-stop quest that requires the student to go to a webpage, then do an activity and submit to our school's Google classroom. Then they sit there until I approve it.

Is this how it goes? Sometimes, I get busy in class and can't approve that step and the student(s) spin their wheels until I can

Also, how to I know who is ready to be approved from within Classcraft? Right now I flip back and forth between Google Classroom and Classcraft - it's unwieldy. How else can I do it?


Tom Townsend


If you Enable Assignments, they will have to upload something directly to Classcraft. Then you could at least see it in one place.

The problem I'm having with the assignments feature, though, is: if I enable assignments, Classcraft assumes the assignment is on Drive. I would like to be able to have the Hand In button work, even if they haven't uploaded, because sometimes we do things on paper.

Then, I can determine if it's completed or not before awarding their reward.

I am using Classcraft this semester in an online university class this semester to improve engagement and interaction between my students. So far it is working very well!  My students are enjoying the platform and are much more inclined to discuss content with one another in our LMS.

I think quests would be a great way to make some assignments and exercises more engaging. However, I have 80 students all working on the content throughout the course of the week.  This means that students could easily get stuck at a quest stage if they have to wait on me to mark them as complete. In other words, quests are not currently scalable for larger classes in non-face-to-face delivery methods.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to configure things to make this doable for my class?

To the folks at Classcraft:

Have you considered adding the ability to set up auto-graded quiz questions in addition to the assignments and discussions? Or adding a configuration setting whereby we can to allow students to progress to the next objective after they have submitted to an assignment or posted to a discussion? XP could be awarded when I have a chance to assess their submission or post but they wouldn't get held back waiting on me.

Also, have you given thought to creating teaching assistant accounts or an additional teacher account for the same class in the event people are co-teaching a class? In large university classes, it can be quite a lot of work keeping up with Classcraft when my TAs can't get in to the platform at all. As a result, I have not been able to take advantage of the premium content features.


Hi Stacey,

Thanks for your feedback! I'm happy to hear Classcraft is working well for your class.

We're currently working on an "autocomplete" option that will enable students to move on from one objective to the next without waiting on the teacher's input. We'll also be adding self-correcting quizzes, but that's for a later date.

As for co-teacher accounts, I do understand your situation. However, co-teacher accounts are not on our roadmap. Teachers can manage the game together by either sharing an account (with  two simultaneous logins) or by sharing students in Multi-Class.

Any progress on the 'autocomplete' option?  

I would love to get my content moved over to the quest system where I can track it...


Oh, and I wanted to second Jess's request for the option to submit either a link or a block of text as an assignment response instead of insisting on attaching an uploaded file.  (Like how edmodo does it, for example.)

Hey, Jared! 

I really like Jess's idea too. That's definitely something worth sharing with the team!

We are still working on the autocomplete option, but it would be hard to say when it should be available. 


Stay tuned! 

Good night.  How do I find examples of completed quest to view?

Hi Forde! 

You could find some great Quests in the Quest Sharing thread. I hope this helps! :) 

Link - 


Trying to embed a website - not Youtube or Vimeo - and it is not supported. Any idea if this is going to be an option?


Hi Therese, 

Generally, not all websites support being embedded. Right now, we support Youtube and Vimeo, as well as adding a link onto a set of words.  

Out of curiosity, what website were you trying to embed? 

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