[Solved] Do I Need to Use Google Classroom for Quests?

 I'm currently using Classcraft in a special needs classroom and my students enjoy it!

We're trying to start using quests while I have a premium trial live (eventually going to spring for full as budgeting allows) but it won't let me start adding objectives unless I link Google Classroom. My organization doesn't use Google Classroom, is there any way around this?

Hi Elizabeth!

You actually do not need to use Google Classroom with Quests. When preparing a Quest, simply select to create a Task instead of a Google Classroom Assignment. 

I hope this helps! 

I'll give it a try, I'll see what that does and report back

EDIT: So once I've created an introduction, I go to add my first objective, and the only option I am given is to create an End Quest objective. I don't see an option to Add Task on my end.

Hi Elizabeth!

I've gone ahead and created a ticket for your case so that our customer support can assist you with this. They will be needing a screenshot or two of what you're seeing to get started. :)

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