Distracted by the Volume Meter

Interestingly, the Volume Meter works wonders for motivating students; however, I find that they spend too much time watching the volume meter move rather than working.  I have some students who try to tap, sneeze, cough (oh so subtle) to get the volume meter to fail.  Ideas on how this is working more effectively in your class, please.

That happened to me too last year (I did not start using it yet this year) with one of my groups. They were totally focusing on the meter for the whole period, testing its limits, trying to get the closest to the limit... With that group I just stopped using it. With my other group when I felt they were getting too excited with the meter I would just reduce the ClassCraft window so they would not see it and I would just open it back once in a while to check on the meter.

I tried the Volume Meter with my fourth graders, and while at first, they looked at it, I reinforced the culture of my classroom. "If you are being responsible with your work, you are not learning."

If they continued, I would have subtracted HP for being irresponsible AND I would have lowered the reward. I would also have told them that tomorrow we would increase the reward and try again.

Like most new things, students get highly interested and then lose that interest over time.

You can put the meter up and close minimize the browser.  Keep volume high to indicate that the threshold has been triggered.  You can also use a wireless mike.  Take the mike to a student who talks to much and place it on their desk.  

Scott, what kind of wireless microphone do you use?  Is it bluetooth?  I've been trying to find one on Amazon and I can't find one I feel confident in purchasing.  


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