URGENT: Assigning Legacy Content

How can I assign legacy content to my new classes?  The button isn't there and the quest engine won't work for me as it is. (Because I would have to check off every assignment before they can do the next and because I can't import my old content yet.)

I wanted to just import my last year's content to this year's class.  When I used the last year's class as a template for the new class, it didn't copy over the content either.

I wanted to have my kids set up their characters this afternoon but can't until I know what the deal is.


Edit:  I found a workaround.  I access the legacy material from an old class that has the button and then changed the class from the pulldown.  Phew.

NOPE:  I was able to add legacy content to the class, but the button still doesn't show up for them. Help!

Hi Jared, 

The Class Content feature has to be activated via your class settings page. Click on the gear icon, on “Interface” and check the box  “Activate Legacy Interactive Class content”.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Thank you, CC team (Mélysa) for getting back to me so quickly!

(And telling me about the interface setting where I could turn the legacy button back on.)

Is there a way I can turn the legacy/quiz choice screen off too? (It's obviously pointless since I've deliberately turned on legacy and quests have their own button.)

Hi Jared, 

You're very welcome!

Unfortunately, you can't turn Legacy Class Content off. 

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