Quests on iPad

Are quests only accessible to students via the Classcraft website or can they use the app on the iPad to access the quests, and if so how? Thanks!

Hi Mr. Hanlon,

Not at the moment, but Quests will eventually be available on the app!

In the meantime, students can access Quests via the browser on mobile (they might, however, run into some performance issues).

Can a teacher have a character in Classcraft?

Hi Kyler,

Gamemaster avatars are something we have been working on and hope to be able to implement in the future.

However, designing characters and gear sets takes a lot of time, and our illustrators have their hands full for the moment. Moreover, we'll have to rework the interface to incorporate the Gamemaster avatar (that's a considerable amount of work). Rest assured, Gamemaster avatars are something we’re considering for the future, and we want to make sure we do them justice.

For the moment, an alternative would be to create a fake student account and add it to your class, once that is done you can simply give a lot of XP and GP to this character and use it as your avatar by customizing your character with high-end equipment.

Are quest available to students through the app yet? I have students trying to proceed with quests using a phone or ipad. Thanks!

Hi Meghan!

Yes, your students can now consult your quests using the mobile companion app on their phone or tablet :)

If some of your students are unable to consult your quests, please contact and we will investigate on what could be the cause of this inability to complete your quests!

Have a wonderful day!

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