Multi-class ONLY for school licenses?!

My teaching partner and I enjoyed using CC last year, especially as we teach all the same students and could link our classrooms on CC. 

This year it seems this feature is only reserved for those who have purchased the school license? 

This is very troublesome. It requires a student to have multiple CC accounts as they need 1 per classroom. Very upsetting change, especially as I was decided on buying the premium membership, which should also provide the functionality. Now I question whether I'll continue to use CC at all.

This is very inconvenient and should be included if I am paying for a premium account.

While I understand the issue of kids cheating, I agree that requiring a site license is an extreme response.  I wonder if they could just make multiclass a premium feature where all those sharing classes must have a premium membership. Must kids won't pay money in order to cheat.

Hi Lauren,

I apologize for the inconvenience. I will make your comments known to the team.


We really appreciate the feedback.

Our intention with this move wasn’t to put this feature behind a paywall, but rather to respond to administrators’ security demands. We have received a lot of feedback from educators on this move and have decided to test out making Teacher Connect available at no cost; that being said, school administration will still have to confirm the identities of teachers and sign a short School Agreement Form.

Please email to let us know whom we should contact at your school so we can get you set up.

So I can see this is an older thread, however. I saw that they took away teacher connect. Is there a way for students to be multi-class now without a school license or is that no longer an option.

Hi Ari,

The Multi-Class feature is now solely a School-wide license item.

On a single teacher license, students will create a new student account for every class they join.

In short, the rule is now 1 class = 1 student account.

Have a wonderful Back to School!

Hi, Classcraft!

I run three different classes with Class Craft, as I am a middle school music director. I pay for the premium individual account, but have no other teachers in my school that use classcraft at the moment, so there is no point in buying a school-wide subscription.

My students used ClassCraft last year and absolutely loved it, but now I can't use it because it prevents two out of the three of my classes from playing. Is there any way to allow the multi-class feature without getting a school-wide license? Please help me out, my students are severely bummed!

Hi Nicole,

We definitely understand your situation and are looking at ways to alleviate these situations for teachers who do have the same students in different classes.

For the moment, on a single teacher teacher license, you can still play with your students in 3 different classes, they will simply need 3 different Classcraft accounts. This could be an opportunity for them to try the 3 different character classes in Classcraft and level up 3 different characters, discover new pets and equipment.

Have a wonderful day!


I teach in a small SEN school and asking the pupils to remember one account is difficult enough. I teach them across 5 different subjects, does it mean that those young people need to remember 5 different logins and then which login links to each subject? surely there must be a way a pupil can see both their classes using the same login? there is only 20 pupils in my school and i am a premium user? 


I also teach the same students in different classes and the way I do it, is that they have one account and each island is a different subject. The students only have to remember one login and when the map gets too full then I just delete something. We have even tried this over many different subjects and it worked fine as well!

Have a great day!


Agreed. I cancelled my "premium" (LOL) subscription at the end of last school year for this very reason. I am a music director also, with many students taking more than one class from me. It was extremely frustrating for those students to have to log out of their Google account (our district uses Google as an SSO for almost everything), then back into a completely separate account for each class. Often they'd try to use a power and they'd do it in the wrong class, which meant time out of my schedule to correct the error.

They're in middle school. They never remember their passwords and they rarely remember their usernames. Most of them lost interest in Classcraft because they couldn't use their rewards from class to class and they kept forgetting how to get logged in.

I put countless hours into customizing this game and I hate to lose all of that hard work but I just can't do it anymore. Instead of Classcraft being a positive supplement to my classes, it has become a time-suck. This is a feature that should never have been removed.  

Hi everyone,

We really appreciate your comments. We'll be reviewing this invaluable feedback and evaluate our possibilities. We are constantly improving our platform to ensure our users have the tools they need. Keep an eye out for any improvements we are ready to share on

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