Repeatable Quests

I would love it if students could repeat the same quest for outside reading/research on a given topic in my lit class. As it stands now, I'm not sure is there's a way to retake a quest once it's been successfully completed once.

Hi Jeffrey,

That's an interesting idea, and I'll be sharing it with the team.


This is exactly what I came here to ask. I'm sad that it's not currently a feature, but I'd love it if it were eventually phased in.

In response to Jeffrey's original question, you may be able to import the old quest in order to make it new again. You'd have to set a deadline to complete the first iteration of the quest, I suppose.

I discovered a workaround in the meantime. I created a quest in one class and imported it to three different locations on the map for another class. I changed the names for each of these three quests, but left all the other wording alone. You could change a lot more to make each quest more unique, but for now this will work for me just fine.

I also adjusted where each step of the quest was located to fit the locations of the new map.

How are you importing the quest to a different class? Thanks

Just go to a different class (or create a dummy class if you don't have another one), click the plus symbol to add a new quest, and the option to import will appear on the bottom right. Edit the quest, make whatever changes you need to, sign in as one of those dummy students to test them out, and once you have it all smoothed out and working correctly, go back to you main class. From there, click to create a new quest, and once again import the one you just perfected.


Thank you so much!!! I found it!! Y'all are WONDERFUL!!!!! I cannot wait to show the students the quests.

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