New quest engine import

Is there a way to import legacy content into the quest tasks?

I have about 200 entries into the legacy content mode and would really not like having to write everything from scratch again.

For that matter, can I import a map from one class to another or do I have to go through the same process over and over for each of the sections that I teach?  I can't see any way to do it...



Ditto -- I have three sections of Grade 6 math and three sections of Grade 5 math. I want to be able to make one quest for each grade level and then copy it to the other two sections. 


Also, what are the chances of including a feature where you can import your own map, seeing that the map seems to just serve as a background and has no intrinsic interactive features.

Hi Jared and Jason,

Thanks for your feedback! We are currently working on an "import" feature for quests. It will also enable teachers to turn legacy Class Content posts into Quest objectives.

As for importing your own maps, Jason, I don't know if that will be possible, but I will pass your request along to the team for their consideration.

Good to hear.  I won't waste a ton of time setting up my units yet then but will just play around with the system in general.

Love the Quest feature! Having the ability to copy it over from one section to another would make it Superb!

I have 3 sections of one course and 2 sections of another and it would save a ton of time to be able t import a quest I have already created.


Thank You,

I really love the quest feature... but being able to copy it from one class to another would save an enormous amount of time!  Please make it happen!!  Thanks!!


So I just spent almost 6 hours creating a QUEST and you're telling me that I need to start over for every class?????

Hi everyone,

Adding the option to duplicate a quest is a priority for us! Rest assured it will be added as soon as possible.

The current Quests release is a beta version, and we will be releasing new updates as we move forward. We thought it important to make Quests available at the beginning of the school year in order to gather initial feedback from our community and iron out any bugs.

Thanks for your support and understanding!

Hi everyone,

You can now import a quest from one class to another!

Great!  At least I know that any work I do can be copied to my new classes when I create them.  It is still a lot of work to build them from scratch again, though.  Any idea if the import function will happen before the start of the school year or if I need to bite the bullet and get to work entering a ton of data again?

Hi Jared,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean – is it that you would like to copy a quest in the same class that it was created in? Please let me know, and I'll pass the info along to the team.

I mean the ability to import from the legacy online content I created last year.

Hi Jared,

Right! Sorry about that. That should be possible as soon as next week.

I see that there is now an import whole quest feature, which is great, but what if I want to build the quest as I go (because we are planning this unit as we go...). I can't just import single assignments.

If I reimport the whole quest, will students have to start over? I'd be nice if I could import individual tasks within each quest so I don't have to duplicate them for my other two classes.

I came here to ask the same question that Ms. Peterson asked above. Copying and pasting works, but the text formatting doesn't always stay the same as the original content. Thank you!

Hi, Jess!

Thanks for the suggestion – as it stands, students will need to start over if you reimport the whole quest.

Yes, I understand that. What I was hoping for was a feature to be added where individual tasks can be imported from other quests. If I want to have a quest that lasts for a whole unit, it's unreasonable to think I could plan put the entire thing prior to starting. The kids have different needs, etc. So I'm building it as I go. But for now, I have to individually create 3 identical tasks, because I have 3 classes.


That's all I was saying. Being able to import individual tasks from other classes would be a huge time saver. Thanks for the response!

Hi Jess,

Definitely! Your message will be sent to the team.

I'd just like to ditto what Jess said  - I too am working on building my quests as I go, because I'm just starting to learn what my students' individual needs are supports are at the beginning of the year. I'd love to be able to import specific individual tasks onto the quest track from the multiple class sections I teach. 

The kids are loving the features though, which is super fun! Though I'm probably having more fun building the story than the kids, who just click through to the tasks....oh well!

Hey, Lys!

I'm happy to hear that you're having fun building the Quest stories! I have taken note of your suggestion and will be sharing it with the team. 

As for the kids just clicking through all the tasks, something you could try is to have a few "checkpoints" where they need to submit some work, and have you approve their work before they can move on. So, a non "self-paced" Quest Objective. 

Hope this helps!

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