[Solved] ATK and DEF


Do characters have ATK attack and DEF defense values?  If not, how are they affected by leveling up?  What is the purpose of purchasing new gear?  How do I see the gear they can purchase in the store?  Thanks.

Unfortunately not. Characters have HP and AP values, which you can alter under Settings > Game Rules; however, stats remain static as they level up. The benefit to leveling up comes with better Power options (Click here for the community's customized ideas) that help students/teams both in-game and in class. 

As for the new gear, only they can see/view the gear available to their character. The only current benefit to purchasing gear is to spend their Gold and make their character look cool. However, a lot of them get a kick out of this if you let them play around with it early on. 

Hope that helped!

Hi, Ryan!

Thanks for the great response, Danielle. :-)

You can also create your own student account to see what gear students from that character class can purchase.

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