[Solved] random event for the last day of class

in 2 days on Thursday we have our last day of class before the exam weeks. I would have liked that the random event for that day to be "Amnisty : All pending sentences are cancelled"

Is there a way to make random events not so random to make sure that this specific event would come up? 

I know I could delete all existing events and leave only this one, but that would take a very long time and I don't want to loose all the events I created, I want to keep them for next year!

Thank you



Only way I know to do that is I know there are some teachers that take screenshots and post them in the daily powerpoint, eliminating the "random" aspect of it. 

I would LOVE to see a way to make random events apply to certain dates, "seasons", days of the week, etc. A way to choose the first event ever or the last event ever. Things like that. A lot easier said than done, I am sure.

Hi Lyne,

There's no way to select the order random events appear in.

Thanks, Nicholas, for your suggestion! Another possibility is to go through all random events to fill the counter (this may or may not be time consuming depending on what the counter is at already). Then, when the counter is at (e.g.) 20/20, you can add your event and be sure it'll be chosen next.

Thank you!

Anne-Marie, If we do that, would the events then occur in the same order that they did previously?  Also, I am wondering how the "Random" event is chosen, do they go in order as to how the teacher has entered them?


Hi Kim,

The random event is chosen completely at random. Please note that an event can't be chosen twice if there are other events available. So the game goes through all random events at random, then the counter is reset, and we go through the events again in a different order. (The counter can also be reset manually at any time.)

I hope this answers your question!

Thanks Anne-Marie, it does!  That would be a nice feature if the Gamemaster could pick an event (and make it appear to be random) to go with the seasons or something.  

Hi Kim,

That's a fun idea! :-)


I realize it would not be easy, but being able to program certain events to pop up during certain times of the year or on specific dates would be great. A Halloween event, maybe some Christmas events during December's month. Maybe an event called "A Case of the Mondays" which only can happen on a random Monday. Talk lIke a pirate day is 9/19, Mole Day for Chemistry is 10/23, Pi Day is 3/14, naturally. Being able to have events that correspond to those holidays would be awesome.

Hi Nicholas,

I'll let the team know! As always thanks for your feedback. :-)

You know, if you were wily enough, you could do this now.  Create a class that has no students and only 1 event, the one you want to trigger.  Then it is just about tricking the students into thinking that you are rolling the daily event for their class.  Of course, you would not be able to do any automatic gains or losses, but other than that, it would work.  The hard part would be deleting all the default events.

Great idea Douglas!  Last year I created a "Master Daily Events" Class and then after I did my "chosen" event at Christmas time, I imported the master events back in.  The problem with this is it started the events over, and the kids didn't love that some of them repeated. Many times when they told me it was a repeat I simply triggered another one, but sometimes they may have been pulling one on me and it really wasn't a repeat!  Hard to remember when you are using classcraft with 6 different classes!


I have the same problem when I add in student-created events.  Anytime you import class settings, it resets the events.  I wish this could be changed.  Instead, when you import events any event that has the same name as one that already been chosen cannot be chosen again.

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