Boss Battles AP hit rather than HP hit

I was wondering if the development team thought of creating an option allowing AP to be taken away during a boss battle rather than HP.  I like the boss battle idea, and I understand as a game mechanic why HP is appealing as that's what's being taken from the boss, but I use HP in my class as a negative consequence, and the sentences we use tend to be focused consequences on addressing key behaviors, so taking HP in this case hurts the classroom management process more than it helps, making boss battles useless in my class.

Thank you for your consideration and any feedback!

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your suggestion! I will share it with the team for their consideration.

I also like this idea. 

I like this idea as well, and I think it would be awesome if this were expanded to all deductions - allow either AP or HP (or a combination) to be removed. I have found in my classroom that HP deductions open the door to abuses, so currently I have resorted to XP deductions (which are not ideal).

Can presets be changed so that they could remove AP and HP? This would improve the flexibility of the program quite significantly.


I love the idea as well : a student falling in battle and randomly receiving an hour of detention for not having been able to answer a question seems quite harsh !
I'm not going to use the boss battles for the same reason.

To speak up for not using the boss battle features because of the falling in battle if they miss a question wrong. As a teacher you can set the question for a certain hp, so it doesn't necessarily have to be the default one.  I usually do some newer concepts for less hp like 5, and sometimes something that we have been going over and over or has been in previous boss battles I may make it a -10. 

I also talk to my class that when you fall in battle in a boss battle or even do to a random event because some of them are hard hitting, it's not because of those 2 things that made you fall in battle, but what about the other minuses? Plus group accountability is presence too because they also have the ability to protect or heal them.

Those are my 2 cents...

Much bigger fan of equating poor academic performance to a loss of special privilege (AP) than to a behavioral consequence (HP).  I figured that I would have to just override the game if it delivered a inappropriate consequence.

I'm definitely an advocate for being able to lose AP over HP in the boss battles.

HP seems to equal behavior, so doesn't seem applicable to skill-based battles.

So...has there been any further work on this front?   What are the considerations of the team on this matter.   I would love to use the Boss Battles and my students want to but I will not until I know the students are not at risk of receiving a behavioral discipline if they get an academic question wrong.   

Well, using the delayed damage feature, you can actually prevent HP loss - just mark a wrong question as deal with later, and then you can go back into the delayed damage and just remove those events, and no HP loss.  You could also just tell the kids that they will lose an equivalent amount of AP that will be applied after the battle.  Using the delayed damage option isn't the best, but it is a workaround.  It just may mean you have to go back through and calculate the AP loss at a later date.

Wow.  Well that is a good suggestion.   It seems like a lot of work for me for something that is just supposed to be an easy, motivating tool for the student.  Why cant we just switch the HP to AP?


That's a great idea. I have never liked the idea of HP loss during boss battles and I end up restoring all HP loss. AP would be ideal or be able to switch between HP or AP loss. 

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to reiterate that this feature has been shared with the team and brought up the chain. 

No news on this front yet, however.

Stay tuned!

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