Quest Question

Is it possible to limit a quest to a specific student or group of students. 

I'm working on trying to create an Easter Egg quest in which the final reward grants the student an epic item that modifies one of the T3 powers. I'd like to be able to do it in Classcraft because I can use the quest mechanic to monitor and control progression through the quest line. 

That sounds so cool, Christopher!! 

Quests actually already allow you to track your students' progress individually. Once they complete an objective, they can submit work (if you have selected "allow assignments"), and then require you to confirm their progress. You can do so by clicking on the green checkmark in the Quest dashboard, next to the student's name. 

I love the idea of an Easter Egg Quest that modifies a T3 power! However, power settings in your account will affect all of your students' powers in that specific class. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

What I want to be able to do is restrict which students can access the quest, if possible. I want only those that "discover" it to be able to complete it. I have ideas about how to make it work through my LMS, but I was just wondering if it was possible to do it within the platform.

That is a good idea. I know Quests just came out, but it would be very nice if in the future, quests could have customized "requirements" before being able to be accessed. For example, the requirements might be to complete two prerequisite quests, which only then opens up this quest. This would allow teachers to really create some neat hidden quests, such as a quest that connects two topics in different units that is only accessible if the other two (or more) quests are completed satisfactorily. (For example, in Science 10, we talk about Conservation of Energy in the Physics unit, then revisit energy in Ecology unit - some of the strong students see a connection between conservation of energy and things like food webs, resource use by humans, etc. - it would be very good to be able to have them draw that connection through an Unlockable Quest that comes with a very unique reward, like the one you describe Christopher)

As well, other requirements could include character level, current HP, AP, GP, class, gear-sets, powers, sentences served, team progress, in addition to the pass-fail concept that is currently in use for the quests. The more there is to use, the more customized the quest structure can be, which is good for teachers (but difficult for programmers, I admit)

I haven't quite signed up for Premium, so I don't know exactly what is possible currently, but I certainly would love to see an expansion of the Quest system in future years. I hope to be signing up this year, at the same time that I begin to flip my Science classrooms to coincide with Quest implementation.

Thanks for the hard work, CC team!

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