Personalising Pets

Hey all. I did the big bad and asked my class what changes they would like to see to improve Classcraft. WOW did I get a response. I now have booklets of ideas covering my desk as students ran with the idea. I'll save the majority until I can find a post where everyone has already started talking about such improvements, however one that stood out in numerous requests was the personalisation of pets.


Even the ability to change your pet's name would be a start. My students love the mechanic, wish they could do more with them, but, across the board, hate that they all share identical pets.

That would be cool.

As a science teacher, I'd love to see the ability to mix-and-match pet parts but have to achieve it through properly-modeled Mendelian genetics and breeding.  :)

I'd even be willing to work on this myself if API is flexible enough to support it when it comes out.

Genetically modified pets so that everyone can have their own unique pet? I love it!! 

I'm writing this down and sharing it with the team. Awesome idea!

I just wanted to chime in that my kids also would like to be able to name their Pets.



Kettering, Ohio

Thank you for sharing your feedback, Tom! 

I plan to print these pet "badges." 

As my students earn them by being able to equip their pets, they will write their name on the line and put them into a pocket chart. The lines of the chart will represent special abilities. They can put more than one pet in a slot, but once a pet is placed, it can not move. 


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