I was able to break my classroom into equivalent teams ability-wise.  What I have had happen is that there are sub-groups on each team that refuse to work with the rest of the team...... How do I get them all to work as a team, and not as smaller groups inside a team?  I want to give them team xp, but they will not work as a team.... Any ideas are helpful.

So What I would do is start more team objectives that require the whole team. Timed Quests or more quests that involve the whole team to work together to answer the questions at hand. 

My healers and mages know that they need the warriors because they are able to protect from damages, and warriors know they need the mages and healers in case they need a pick me up.


Explain the rules again that they have to work together to gain more experience and using the group powers actually gives them experience too so remind them of that as well. Have an Experience point just for working together, and call them out when they actually manage to do so.

Or sometimes I do a little prodding and if they work together they can earn an extra random event. 

Thanks. I will give it a shot.

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