Unlock Achievements for students

I was thinking that some people seem to love to gain achievements, like on video games, and it seemed to me that we could have some long list of Achievement, like the powers so we could customize the descriptions if we wanted.

They could be earned as students take a combined amount of damage, protect x amount of damage, heal or get close to death, spend some amount of gold, are the first in a class (and class (warrior/healer/mage) to reach a milestone level.

Those achievement could be visible on the team/class/character page, for bragging rights, and maybe at a later date they could allow for special rewards like unique item pieces.


I think this is an awesome idea!

This would be a great idea. You could even make a "trophy room" for each student where their parents or classmates could view all their achievements.

Love the idea of achievements and the trophy room suggested above would be a nice touch. My classes range from lower secondary to senior and this is the kind of thing they can get excited about BETWEEN levelling up. 

Great ideas, everyone! 

Thank you for sharing. I'll let the team about these really interesting suggestions!

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