Book of Laments

It would be nice if there was a setting or option that would allow only one sentence to be active for a student at a time.  Yesterday my 1st hour triggered the volume meter 6 times.  As teammates fell in battle, other teammates lost their health, and it spiraled until everyone was dead except the one lucky kid who was absent.  I'm fine with the spiraling death, but at the end I had 78 sentences for a class of 31 students.  I felt like I was undermining the system when I gave them all the same sentence, and cleared those 78.

Hi Stephanie,

Yikes! That's a lot of sentences. I shared your story with the dev team.

At this time, I see two solutions:

  • Reduce the amount of health lost when the volume meter is triggered (some teachers do 2 HP, for example).
  • Change your Game Rules so that students come back with more than 1 HP to reduce the risks of having them fall in battle twice.


Thank you!

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