Day 1 lesson plan?

Hey all!!


I was wondering if anyone has any day 1 lesson plans for classcraft.  Going over the logistics of the game with students, having students practice, or anything in that field.  I'v been toying with ideas, but nothing that works quite yet.






I teach 4th grade and have been an ambassador for a few years now.  With elementary I probably have more time then say a middle school/HS teacher who only sees the students for 45 minutes or so.  I show them the intro video in the settings.  I will also show my class from previous year and explain how it all works.  We sign the "Hero Pact".  Students get put into their teams and they then choose their "Class" (Mage, Healer, Warrior)  They get all the information on what the powers are for each class etc.  The teams create a name and choose a background and crest.  I get that entered in and students then choose their first collaborative power to get started.  They learn about Parent Accounts and when parents sign up students get 3 pets that don't need to be "trained" they are owned automatically.  Hope this helps. 

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