Teacher as a player

I've been playing Classcraft for a while now and I like to play with my students.  Participating in HP loss, sentences, and random events makes the game more interesting for them  Each year I've been making student accounts for myself, but I would prefer not to.  It would be great if there was an option that would allow me to participate in the classroom with the students as my own character or multiple characters.  I normally make a team named "Game Master" with one mage, one warrior, and one healer.  I give myself a massive amount of XP and GP and I give myself all of the best gear and powers.  This motivates the students to level up because they can see multiple characters with really cool gear within the game.

I think that's an amazing idea! As a Gamemaster myself I never thought to create a player so students could see higher levels, powers, pets and gear they could get. I hope this becomes an option!

I think this would be useful just to see how things likes Quests look from the student's POV. It would let you demonstrate things for the students in the exact same format they will see them in.


Agreed.  I didn't think to give myself a character and as a new teacher to Classcraft, the kids are experiencing things that I don't know about as a teacher. I would like to be able to see everything they see.

Yes, teacher characters would be great!

Just joined the premium edition. My students are wanting me as a character too. Any progress?

I also have the same concern. 

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