[Solved] In App Quests

Do we have a time frame on when these will come about? I just started using ClassCraft today and was so excited, until the app didn't have quests in it. My kids downloaded the app, and while it's useful, it's kind of pointless if they can't access quests and pets from it. 

Hi Caleb,

I'm sorry for the delayed response!

I don't have an ETA for Quests on the mobile app. Students can access pets via the app, but not with the Premium trial.

I would like to second the request to speed this up.  I also find classcraft much less usefull if I cannot wander around the room and use the quest.  My students really love to quest, but I cannot afford to be locked behind my desk.

Hey, Jessica! 

Thank you for your feedback! Have the new self-paced Quest objectives feature helped free up some time?

I have not noticed the Quests freeing up time.  However, they have REALLY helped with differentiation.  I have students who will be moving on to Honors classes next year, and students who are on extensive 504s in the same class.  When I use quests, the students can move at their own pace.  There are other ways to do this, but the quests help. Also,  when I have had students absent on a "Quest Day", I do not have to take time away from class to catch students up on missing work.  I simply point them to the quest and then answer questions about parts they do not understand.

Oh awesome!! It's really great to hear that Quests are coming in handy.

I also just started using Classcraft and ran into that roadblock with the app.  You CAN access quests if the kids go to the website via their phone browser rather than the app.  So I've had a lot of kids use the school wifi and their phone browser for the classes where I do not have enough Chromebooks.

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