When I look at analytics for HP, I do not see behaviors that have earned a reduction of points if a teammate has used a power to block the reduction.  It would be nice to see that I had to 'ding' them for a behavior even if the HP was not deducted because of the action of a teammate.  At the end of the week, for weekly notes, I need to be able to look back on the week and see behavior problems.

To piggyback on this, I would like to see a record of when delayed damage is assigned, not just when it is applied.  For example, when I give Timmy -10 HP on Tuesday for talking in class, but then I don't apply it until Wednesday to give his team time to protect him, the damage shows up as being assigned on Wednesday, even though it was actually given on Tuesday.

Hi Sandra,

We're planning on adding that information to the Analytics: You'll then be able to see all HP losses, even those that were negated by powers. We're hoping to implement those changes in the medium term.

Douglas, I'll share your suggestion regarding delayed damage.

Thank you both for your feedback!

Hi Sandra,

To counter this problem, I started to let tardies take damage even if team mates wanted to protect.  I just needed that analytics that much.  Sadly it counters the idea of collaboration and teamwork, but I needed to see the data.  I was very embarrassed at a parent teacher conference when a I thought I was going to show how well I had kept a students data on his behavior only to see that it looked like he didn't have any losses of hp at all.  Sad to say, that the parent looked at me like I was incompetent.  

Anne-Marie, has this info been added now?  I'm trying to download artifacts for my yearly review and I need a good analytic printoff.



Lisa Sabir, ARKANSAS

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