Timer Extras

I like the class timer feature. I would like to add an option for the timer to open in a smaller pop up window when you need something else on the screen and a way to add your own music to the timer.

Hi Kandi,

Thanks for your suggestions! I'll make note of them.

As a note, if you open another feature in the game (Wheel of Destiny, game dashboard, etc.) while using the countdown, stopwatch, or volume meter, it'll appear at the top of the window.


Oh I didn't know about the countdown did that! Thanks!

Awesome! 😄

One thing I noticed is that if I have to leave the browser to show something else on the smart board screen—something else that you are timing—the timer sound will not be heard when it goes off. Not sure this is fixable, but it is something to note.

I also had an idea:

My kids really respond to dramatic music—they move extra quickly when I give them a song that motivates them, such as the Mission Impossible theme song or the Imperial March from Star Wars or Yakkety Sax from Bennie Hill. It would be awesome if I could set a specific song to the timer and it would simply play or loop that song until the timer is done. The problem I've always had is finding songs that match a similar time frame I want to use, but not have to manage the timer (e.g. if I am helping a student and can't focus on the stopping the song in the middle). Just a thought, but it could be fun...just like the Boss Battle music adds a dramatic dimension to the study review.

Hey, Eric!

For the sound issue you mentioned, is that when you're on a different tab, or simply have the browser focused on another window, with the other tab open, but just in the background?

As for the idea; I love it! I'll add that to our requests list.

It usually happens when the browser is not the main application being used at all, so it is in the background behind MS Word or Adobe Acrobat. To be fair, I haven't really noticed if it goes off when the browser is the focus but on a different tab. I'll mess around with it to tell for sure.

Thanks for your response!

It's always a pleasure, Eric! Thanks for sharing. 

We will look into this on our end as well.


Please let me know what you find! :)

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