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I love the idea of setting up Quests for the students and letting that be where they access all the resources and materials necessary for a particular unit. However, having 99 students, it would be supremely beneficial and more efficient if there was an integration with Google Drive so that students  could open a Google Doc in Classcraft and submit the assignment that way. Then I could just open the doc through Classcraft and read and comment on it. Schoology has this capability this year and it is immensely helpful. There is no need to download all submissions, and then for me to upload my response. Since my school is a 1:1 with Chromebooks, it is a must to be able to integrate smoothly with Google Drive. Is there any work being done to integrate Google Drive in a more efficient way than is already available?

We use Schoology too.  I don't want to have to put assignments into the Quest and Schoology.  Plus, how do I obtain the assignments from a Quest in order to grade over 100 of them?  I'm still using Quests to send them to a hard copy and collecting the hard copy.  Seems silly, but they think it's more fun.  A definite benefit.

I would love some Google Drive integration.  Now I am simply putting eyes on their work and passing them through.


Google integration with Quests is our next project – you can expect developments this fall.

Thanks for your patience!

Why not have them hand it in via Google Classroom?  There is a way to force them to make a copy of a document that you share with them (change the /view part of the address to /copy).  I am working on getting G-Suite for Education into my district, but I have a feeling that I am going to have to wait for a while.

I use google classroom, as google now allows for personal gmail to be a "teacher".  This allows me to set up stuff to have them 'edit' or as the primary learn function and classcraft as the supplemental hands on.   The downside is that unless a user links their google account with their profile, classroom grades cannot get input into classcraft.    While I kinda get it - it is a pain as then I can't feasibly pull everyone if they don't have their accounts linked.   Since we are not using gsuite, this is dependent on if a person wants to link their personal account.  I wish that if the name in my roster for classrooms matched the name in classcraft, it could pull the grades without the user linking their account.

I agree with the Google integration needs mentioned above. Even just giving students the ability to write in a response in game would be fantastic. No need to involve a 3rd party at all. Kind of like how I can write in the quest, they can respond just by typing in a text box. I currently just tell students to share a doc with their quest line or email it to me.

Hi everyone,

You can read more on how Quests integrate with Google Classroom here!

I know that this is new and I am LOVING it so far, but the only part that I wish could happen is that if you are using a Google Assignment that somehow it could be hidden from the students on Google Classroom until it is unlocked in Classcraft.  Now the students who get notifications from Google Classroom know what is coming in the quest because I have linked it to the quest.  There is no way to save the Google C lassroom part of the quest in drafts.  I understand that might take more cooperation on the part of Google Classroom than you might not be capable of getting.  If there are any suggestions of how not to give away the next part on Classroom, I would appreciate it!

Tobi-  One way to do it is to create the assignment, but use the "students" feature to only allow students who have unlocked it to view it.  It will be a pain, but it is definitely a feasible work around.  Once student x, y, and z unlock it, go in and edit the assignment to include x, y, and z students with the check boxes.  Maybe tell students that you will unlock assignments once per day to prevent you from doing it 800 times in a day?  Just a suggestion!

@Jess Thanks! I will try that!  Yesterday they were not able to see the Google Classroom assignment at all in Classcraft, so that was another problem.


Just a thought...  could we have a toggle switch so that teachers can see what the student view in Quests looks like?  Right now I have created a student account for myself, but it is a pain logging in and out to see what the students see.


Hi Tobi,

Regarding Google Classroom assignments not working, if the issue isn't resolved, please check out this FAQ article: There are a couple reasons why that might happen.

As you suspect, there are limitations as to what we can do with Google Classroom, but that might evolve in the future!

Also, the suggestion to add a "student view" in Quests has been shared with the team. :-)

Google Drive google slide assignments that are uploaded by students are opening as power point presentations on my laptop and are blank. Is there a way to set a preference so the downloads open in Chrome browser instead of downloading?


I'm also wondering why Google Slides and Google Docs aren't opening as Slides or Docs but rather Powerpoint and Word documents. Is there a way to correct this?

Listening to our users has always been a very important part of how we do things here.

Right now, all student submitted work must be downloaded first and then viewed offline. This process, along with Quests, in general, is always evolving with our users in mind.  Thank you for your feedback! 


I am finding as I build the quests that I want to attach the Google Drive assignment in the assignment window. Is there a reason we need to choose google drive before we begin to write the task? It seems more natural to write the instructions for the task then attach it in the assignment window and set the date and reward.

As far as the downloading assignments to open that is fine for now it is just that the google slide presentations, when they open in Powerpoint are blank. The information the students typed into the slides is missing. Their name is on it but there is nothing in it.


Hi Therese,

I'd love to help you out with that! I'm opening up a new ticket for you now so that I can get some more info to try and figure out what's happening.

I keep having problems with students not being able to access the Google Drive quests any Ideas???

Hello Carlos, 

Sorry to hear about that. What are the students, who can't access the Google Drive Quests, seeing? Any error message at all?

Here's an FAQ article outlining the main reasons why this may be happening. Please check it out and let me now!

I really want to be able to give you a hand here. 

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