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I have started an item shop in my classroom. Students can use GP to buy one-time passes that function similar to other class powers. Although I love the fact that each class has a different "skill set," I wanted to allow each student to have the possibility to experience some of the other "powers."

This shop can easily be adapted to fit whatever you want to "sell." I printed out little tickets and laminated them so that students will actually get a physical item when they buy. They hand in the ticket when they want to use the power.

I teach middle school, so my shop is open at the very beginning and very end of class (or between classes) so that we are not interrupting instruction to deal with the item shop.

Also, this post could function as a suggestion to add an in-game item shop to Classcraft so that the gold and tickets/powers could be managed automatically.

@Thomas Derstein - is it OK to use your site as a template for creating my own?

SO many brilliant ideas. Thanks for the inspiration. I've created a Google Slide deck ( using one of Daniel's shared cards as a template.

  1. Make a copy (after viewing while signed into your Gmail account), and edit as you wish.
  2. Download as a PNG or PPT.
  3. Print 6 (?) cards to a page. 

You can also add comments to the doc to suggest improvements or mods.

Hope this gives something back to this generous community.

And here is my card set.

Since so many others have been so generous, I wanted to reciprocate and share my cards, as well. Here is a shared folder with all my custom cards, up to today’s date:

In addition, I’ll try to update it as I add cards (sometimes a weekly thing...), but updates will always be available on under my username: charlesmirus.

Keep up the great work!

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