AP Update

It would be nice to have a separate notification at the top that just shows me when students use their AP so I don't have to try and find those amongst the HP and XP in the notifications as my students use AP to gain privileges in class and I need a quick way to see them as they come in at a glance. I know I can find this in analytics but it takes a lot more time.

Agreed - I find it quite difficult to see who has used what and when.



I second that opinion (or third it!)

Would really love this feature: filter by AP in Analytics!  That, or make it downloadable.

Thanks for all your feedback, everyone!

It's always great when we can get a sense of what our teachers want. 

I'll be relaying this to the team!


I would really like this option as well. My class just started using it, and it won't work as well if I can't tell who has redeemed AP for privileges right away to make sure they receive them. Please make this available soon!

What's the status on this? It's been over a year since the initial post and I would like to know if this was in the works.

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