Feedback on My Quest

My students are almost finished with my the first quest that I created. I basically embedded three ELA assignments into the quest. I added a few XP here and there for positive behaviors.


I wonder anyone would take a look at my quest and see what they think. I would love some feedback to make it more engaging. It did work well.


Adam Azia

Grade Seven ELA Teacher


Adam, I am an ELA 7 teacher too - I will gladly look at your quest - would you look at the one I did? My kids are almost done, too. I did myth and folklore - they have been really engaged. Let me know - jp

Jeanette Palmer

ELA 7 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Great. My email is Can you add me as a student or a teacher? Is there another way to see the quest? I can add you as well.

Jeanette and Adam, I am a  7th Grade reading teacher.  Would you mind sharing/allowing me to view your quests?  Any that I create I will gladly share, I just need some ideas to get started! 

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