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Hi Baylie,

The idea behind Classcraft is that it gives your students an opportunity to customize their experience in your class. As the main page says, it "helps teachers manage, motivate and engage their students by transforming their classroom into a role-playing game." 

That being said, it isn't a traditional game in that students are actually playing anything in class. Classcraft takes the principles of a game and apply it to the classroom environment. In Classcraft, the player is the student themselves and their Classcraft character is reflective of their progress. 

Here are a few examples:

  • In a traditional game, players gain more benefits as they succeed in the game (more in-game money, more powers, stronger characters). In a Classcraft classroom, students who are succeeding in class (doing homework, passing tests, correcting past mistakes) are rewarded with XP, which in turn can be used to learn "powers" that give them advantages in class.
  • In a traditional video game, when the player does something wrong, their character loses health. In a Classcraft classroom, a student who does something wrong (shouting out, name calling, etc...) will have their Classcraft character lose health. 

Since a classroom environment is so dynamic between teachers, subjects, and schools, it is up to the teacher to choose what to reward, what to punish, and what "powers" are available to their students. In a Classcraft classroom, there isn't a computer or website that is controlling the events in the game, its the teacher themselves. 

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of the overall purpose and function of Classcraft. For more specifics on how to "play" check out the Classcraft 101 videos: 

Good luck and have fun!

Great answer, Jared! 😄

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