[Solved] Deleting Random Events

I love the new auto apply aspect of the random events and so do my kids. It has made our first 5 minutes into more like 3 minutes...which I love since I always seem to need more time. 

But - I'm not sure if I can't find it or not, but is there a way to delete random events. There used to be a way for us to get rid of events that we didn't want in that class. Now it just keeps adding them. I can go back to the "default" ones, but if there are ones that I don't like, I can't delete them. I click on the event and it gives me an option to edit it or delete the effect, but the overall aspect of the event is still there. Is there a way to get rid of the events we don't want without having to modify them?

Hi Mashelle,

Yes, you can delete events. 🙂  When you click on the pencil to edit, you'll find the "Delete" option in the bottom left, aligned with the "Save" button.

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