Classes, Teams, and Quests, oh my

Hi All,


I'm fairly new to classcraft and am beyond excited about the addition of quests. I'm trying to figure out workflow and such. Currently, my focus is on quests so I am still trying to get a handle on the other aspects. For years I have taught with a quest / choice based approach to learning so I've been anxiously awaiting the implementation of quests in ClassCraft. The other aspects are not part of my typical work flow (GP, HP, random encounters, etc.) but I am excited to delve into all that classcraft has to offer.

For now, I have 3 sections of my Game Design class all as one class in classcraft. In the past I have always kept the three sections together in 3dgamelab because it made it easier to manage the quests, etc. rather than having 3 different classes to toggle between. So, I decided to have each section be a different team. Thus, my teams range from 15 - 20 students). One of my thoughts is that I can pit the different sections against each other and reward each section with special privileges. Not sure how to best figure that out as I would love to base it on things like the class with the most XP, maybe have a class purchase something together with GP (i.e. class with most XP can come in and play games during lunch or each class can bid GP to come in, etc.). That brings me to my question. How do most people utilize teams? I don't see totals for XP, GP, etc. based on teams.

Part of the rationale behind the one class vs. 3 separate classes is that the quest system seems to import each quest to the other class sections and that could become difficult to manage (i.e. every time i add a quest i would have to go to each section and import that quest - knowing me I'm likely to forget and end up with a mess!).

So, I'm sharing in a bit of stream of consciousness but I figure there's a lot of wisdom in this group and I'm really trying to get my work flow established. With that in mind, I am sure I will be posting more work flow related questions as I go...




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